Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bean bags for Liberia

Have you ever heard of Craft hope? It is an organization created by Jade, which invites people to spread love one stitch at a time by creating handmade items for a cause. They have projects directed to different causes and this time the project consisted of creating bean bags to help the orphans in Liberia to learn the alphabet, colors, and numbers. The bean bags were delivered to the Liberian Orphan Education Project.


To these children. 

Los niños de Liberia

We decided to create several sets and send them to the Liberian Orphan Education Project.

We made the color set with felt and embroidery thread. 


The numbers set used fabric for the bags and felt for the numbers. The numbers were sewn to the fabric as shown in the picture.



Then we created the bags...


and filled them in with beads.

Bean bag

The alphabet set was made similarly. We used pre-cut felt letters to make it easier.


For a step-by-step tutorial (in Spanish) on how to make the numbers and alphabet sets, you can go here. The color set is explained here in more detail. More coming up!


Kristyne said...

Well Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Your chain stitch is beautiful and I love your photography. Now I just need to figure out the translator thing so I can read your blog! :) Nice to meet you.

Kristyne said...

Hi Sylvia! Thanks for the backpack love! :)